‘Tico Time’: What Does It Really Mean? (2023)


Over the last two and a half years I’ve acquired a deep understanding and grown to appreciate the concept of ‘Tico Time’

In this video I’ll explain my experiences and perception of this unique way of living, and moving through space and time.

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Hello from Costa Rica I want to explain a very interesting concept that those of you who have not traveled to Costa Rica yet may not be aware of, but time works different here and I'm, not talking about the rotation of the planet and the spin and our alignment and spatial, you know, density from the Moon and all this scientific stuff I'm talking about time works different.

Here age slower, people live longer, but there's something called Tico time.

So if you've heard of Tico time, I'm gonna break it down a little bit for you.

But I, also, you know, if you haven't heard of Tico time, I want to provide an understanding of of what it is, and how there's kind of two perspectives to take, um or kind of Eco time as it's cold.

So what's, really interesting is I sense, a lot of frustration in the voices of North, Americans and Europeans.

When I hear them say, Tico time, it's, as if they've been burdened by the general nature of how Tico's approach schedules and time and work days and so on and so forth.

So I have never actually felt not once of all the people showing up late I've, never felt offended by it once I've never taken it like a personal slight I've, never taken as like someone kept me, waiting because I've, not been really working here, I've been getting my life set up and I've been working on the farm with plants.

So everything takes longer communicate with.

So when I plant a tree, it takes two to three years before that tree, even grows, a flower or fruit.

So I'm, sitting there patiently, waiting for years for these guys to start bearing fruits.

So for me to wait 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes even an hour.

Extra is not a huge deal.

And it gives me a lot of opportunity to reflect on my own feelings and thoughts about this situation that I'm impatiently waiting for.

But at the same time about other things that I had been distracting myself from throughout my activities of the day that I could really just focus on now so it's so funny to to see it that way where I am actually grateful that all of my friends that are Costa Ricans show up late to everything that we have scheduled, because that gives me free time that I know is at least 15 minutes that could be up to 45 minutes or an hour where I can get other things done now I want to give two prime examples.

I believe it is just about five o'clock, P.M, right now.

Costa Rica time I had a meeting today at three o'clock in my restaurant.

He showed up at 3, 45 and see how they'll communicate they'll, tell me, um, I was sitting in my restaurant like five after three I get a message 3, 45.

So like it'll be community communicated.

They don't just slight you.

They just have, uh a schedule, and they know, there's an appointment whether it's a hospital or a lawyer's office or it's, the actual doctor or the lawyer themselves, but they'll show up between 15 minutes and an hour after and that's, just normal Tico time.

We North Americans and Europeans get offended by that because we're so you're a minute late.

You got to be here.

Early I grew up being told by my father, 15 minutes, early is on time showing up on time, you're late, because you can't warm up, you can't prepare.

This was kind of a sports mentality, but that's.

The mentality we take into all of our travels and all of our visits to other cultures and other countries and I've noticed significant frustration coming from North Americans and Europeans with this Tico time when they order a taxi.

And it shows up 45 minutes later and the guys texted him three times I'll be there in 10 minutes rush to go in where I'm cultivating patients by living here that was part of the intention.

So this culture and the nature of the people have helped me with that I just wanted to provide a perspective for those thinking of visiting Costa Rica or moving here, more specifically, more importantly, I should say because Tico time will affect you more.

If you move here, because you might have your schedule, I need to get this done by this time.

This done I need to be here for this meeting here, it's never ever ever going to work out the way that you expect it to and the more you try to conform this culture to your mindset, it's, not going to happen.

You need to change conform your mindset to this culture and realize that's here to help you it's here to help.

You age slower it's here to help you enjoy these moments more.

And it gives you an opportunity.

At least it gives me an opportunity to get a lot of things either meditation or a little bit of paperwork, or uploading things to my social media or typing something, you know, an idea that that I had had that I kind of pushed to the back of my my mind.

It actually gives you free time.

If you think about it, because if in your mind, you have an appointment at three o'clock and they're, not showing up till 3 45, you've got 45 free minutes where you could do whatever now and they haven't thrown you off schedule.

So I, literally went around planting I cleaned my restaurant because you know, we don't use it too much while we're renovating so I, just swept it up so it's, nice to clean I planted a few plants for those people that donated some money.

This week I planted about Seven Trees so far, um, I'm coming into the vivero tomorrow to get some of these flowers.

There's a rose right there and there's, actually, four acerola cherries I think, there's two in the ground and I have a pot over there and I'm gonna plant all those tomorrow too.

So, thank you guys for donating I've bought a few things here and I'm also, uh, cloning, a bunch of stuff as well.

So I, I, appreciate it, um.

But anyway, I have another friend who is supposed to meet here at what was it 4 45.

So when my other friend was then going to leave another friend was coming for a meeting and I just got a message it's going to be 5 50 now.

So it just shows you and I'm making the most of the time because I'm recording this video.

So it's, ironic that Tico time is actually leading me to be more productive, just like I'm, saying, it's been, um useful in doing for me for the past two years.

So when you get to Costa Rica, and you start experiencing this Costa, Rican, Tico time lapse that they have here, don't get frustrated by it.

Take it as a blessing in disguise and it's teaching you someone that runs at a pace, that's way, too fast for yourself that overwhelms us all and gives us anxiety about I, can't, accomplish enough that I need to in the day actually slowing down, stretching out the time will allow us to accomplish more.

When we're not in the mindset of rush rush rush rush and you'll actually get a lot more done.

I could definitely say it may not have been financially productive, but existentially productive I've been 10 times more productive with my time since living in Costa Rica than I ever had living in New Jersey.

It seems like there I was just rushing around rushing around constantly to do tiny increments or accomplish or achieve tiny increments towards my goals.

And in continuing to rush around rush around and just chipping away we're here, I've been able to dedicate my entire focus and energy and cultivate this deep patience and Trust in the universe that things are going to happen and they're, not necessarily going to happen the pace that I want them to.

But as long as I'm doing all the work and I, keep my mind and my heart in a good place.

So knowing and trusting that it's going to happen the way it's meant to be into the best optimal outcome.

It's gonna happen and it happens.

And it manifests way quicker and way more Comfort than it does in a rushed part of a society.

So when you experience video time, don't get frustrated look at it as a blessing in disguise.

You just have to change your perception, a little bit see it from a different angle and Tico time will become the best thing that's ever happened to you, because they will get there it.

Just now may not be exactly when you expect.

It that's, giving you an opportunity, free space and free time to accomplish accomplish something else or achieve something else, or finish writing something else, or somebody else that you haven't spoken to in a while it's a blessing in disguise.

And it really is disguised because it frustrates our North American mindset.

We want everything to be done right here right now on time when you set it that's, not how things work, unfortunately and that's, why we get stressed depressed and frustrated in the North, American, European mindset and that's, why they're so happy here.

And this is consistently ranked the happiest people on the planet, because they know what they're doing, and they have a secret, and it comes from ancient times.

So we need to learn it when you start encountering Tico time, embrace it and write a comment below if you've experienced some Tico time incidents and what they were and and how you were able to emotionally work through that I'm excited to hear your comments and please like share and subscribe hit that little notification Bell to make sure you are aware of when I'm, you know, posting all these uploads because I'm gonna try to get more comedic and culturally funny, and you know and how we have a tough time adjusting as North Americans to this beautiful culture and kind of provide a different perspective because I do live a different life than most expats here.

And even expats that visit me say how much I've just kind of embrace this TECO culture and try to make myself part of this community, which is very rare for expats.

They like to Bunch together and and almost hide hide out in these places together where I had the opposite intention.

And as a result, I feel like my personal disposition is understanding a lot more about the tico culture than typical expats will have conversations about.

They they bring up frustrations with the lack of congruity or congruence to their former culture, but that's, not why we came here to to bring our former cultures, we got away from those cultures because they were not serving our highest purpose and our best self Eco time for Evita embrace.

It understand it in your heart and soul and life will be so much better for you.


What is the meaning of Tico time? ›

16 - What is Tico time? Tico time is a somewhat affectionate reference to the Costa Rican habit of arriving late for appointments, dates and even business meetings. The best way to combat this propensity is to prepare for a late arrival – or schedule appointments for 30-60 minutes earlier.

Does Tico time have showers? ›

Resort Amenities

Our amenities include free Wi‐Fi, ADA bathroom/shower facility, onsite laundry, community BBQ grill, fire pit areas, river access, water bottle filling stations, beach pavilion, 18 hole disc golf course, 3 swimming ponds with sand beaches and dog park.

Are dogs allowed at Tico time? ›

Furnished RV's for Rent at Tico Time Resort

For outdoor enthusiasts searching for an RV Rental. Pack up and stay in one of our three cozy RV rentals. No Dogs Allowed.

Who is the owner of Tico time? ›

Owner Rob Holmes outlines planned changes to Tico Time River Resort.

What is the Tico saying? ›

In Costa Rica, the phrase “Pura Vida” is commonly used interchangeably with “hey”, “what's up”, “how are you?”, “take care”, “goodbye”, and almost any other greeting, well wishes, or farewell you can think of. It's how the people live–pura vida.

What is the popular saying of the Ticos? ›

Pura Vida - /POOR-ah VEE-dah/

Pronounced “poo-rah vee-dah”, this is the most widely used phrase in Costa Rica. This isn't just an expression – it's a way of life here. “Pure life” or “simple life” are the literal translations of this saying but Ticos use it in a number of ways.

Can you sleep on the beach in Costa Rica? ›

Yes, it is allowed to wild camp in Costa Rica. However, be aware that most police will not allow you to camp right on the sand but just behind it. Most of the time, you will have shadows from trees which is better anyway. Camping on the beach is forbidden by law, but we think it's for two crucial reasons.

Where do you shower at camp? ›

To shower while camping, you can use the campground's public showers if available. Or you can purchase a solar camp shower and get clean on-site. You can also bathe in the lake or waterfall. If these aren't available, you can also take a sponge bath, have a baby wipe wipe-down, or use dry shampoo.

Where is Tico Times located? ›

The Tico Times is an English-language media organization based in Costa Rica.

Are dogs welcome in Costa Rica? ›

Costa Rica is a very pet-friendly country.

They are protectors, friends, and good life companions! Pets are welcome in shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, and bars everywhere in the country. It's easy to incorporate your dog into your daily life if you live in Costa Rica.

What airlines allow dogs to Costa Rica? ›

International airlines that fly pets as luggage or in-cabin directly to Costa Rica include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and Lufthansa. It is best to check with your passenger airline if they have resumed their pet cargo service before booking.

Can I bring my dog to live in Costa Rica? ›

Costa Rica requires an international health certificate signed by a veterinarian and then endorsed by APHIS (animal and plant health inspection service). See if your normal vet is USDA accredited. If they are, then you don't need additional endorsement but if they aren't, then you will.

Why is it called Ticos? ›

Costa Ricans are called "ticos" because of their unique way of saying diminutives in Spanish. For example, when saying something is small —or "chico" in Spanish— Costa Ricans would say it is "chiquitico," or very small.

What is the origin of Ticos? ›

According to an article published by the Smithsonian, the origin of a taco is not exactly known. Professor Jeffrey M. Pilcher at the University of Minnesota suspects that the taco comes from Mexican silver miners, who likely were the first to invent such a convenient entrée.

What is Tico culture? ›

The people of Costa Rica, who call themselves Ticos, are famous for their cheerful outlook, their conflict-averse nature and their laid-back approach to life.

What Central American country are you from if you are a Tico? ›

Costa Ricans (Spanish: Costarricenses; also called Ticos) are the citizens of Costa Rica, a multiethnic, Spanish-speaking nation in Central America.


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